Tides of Change Open House

Tides of Change – Open House Update

On Tuesday, October 20th, a public information session was held at the Learning Centre to promote Business Development Workshops. The goal of the open house was to develop interest and support for any individual who would be interested in starting their own business. Sixteen attendees came with an open mind and curiosity, to know more about how business training could assist them in achieving their economic goals.

Special thanks to Barb Cranmer who shared her story about Culture Shock, and her business knowledge; Community Futures and Vancity for describing their financial and business training packages; Donna Stauffer and Lisanne Granger for the treats and donuts; Reconciliation Canada for attending; and Randy Bell and staff at the Learning Centre for their support.

I would like to also recognize Rona, BC Bud Rub, Culture Shock and Vancity for their gifts and prizes. Lastly, my sincere gratitude to Kelly Speck for her warm introduction and welcome, and Sharon Gordon who led the Question-Answer session.

Most of all, I would like to thank the community of Cormorant Island for your support in kick-starting this program. I hope that the energy that was created at the meeting will continue at the kitchen table at home, and with friends. There is a very good economic climate here, with lots of opportunities, with many talented individuals. After all, it takes a community to build and support a business.

For those who could not have attended the open-house on Tuesday night, you can still sign up for the Business Training Development Workshops. Contact Riley Zimmerman (Community Futures) at 250-956-2220 or email riley@cfmw.ca. More details are attached.


Todd Massé
Economic Development Officer

Upcoming Workshops – at the Cormorant Island Community Learning Centre

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