What is being done to improve communication and accountability from administration, Chief and Council?

A: This Council is working hard to improve communications and accountability at an administrative and leadership level. We are also focussed on developing a collective vision for advancing our rights and title. The first step in creating a collective vision that will help us advance together as a Nation, is actively listening to each other. A main priority of the Chief and Council is developing and maintaining an open dialogue that will deepen understanding, improve communication and accountability, and inform our future plans. We are receiving your opinions, questions and concerns as they are entered into the visioning survey. We will be answering questions, to the best of our ability, on the website weekly to improve transparency. We are committed to maintaining open dialogue and communication after the vision engagement is complete; how this will be achieved will be informed by feedback from members. We will continue to share new information on our website, in the newsletter, through email and on Facebook – so don’t forget to update your contact information with us!

How do we ensure all of our citizens have a voice and role in our government?

A: The purpose of establishing a collective vision is to gather insight from all members that we will use as a roadmap for ‘Namgis’ future. By voicing your opinion and establishing your priorities in this engagement, your individual and collective voice will form a cornerstone for future decision making by leadership. You can participate by completing the Vision Survey and you can participate in the upcoming visioning contest by submitting your photo, video and short story to info@namgis.bc.ca by September 14, 2015. We also encourage you to attend the AGM on October 24th/25th in person or on-line. Going forward, we will communicate with members on a regular basis to solicit input on important issues that affect our Nation.

What steps are being taken to educate membership that want a better understanding of the issues? Why are we not meeting on a regular basis to help members have a better understanding of the current issues?

A: We are in the process of gathering information to create a vision of how to move forward, united as a Nation. Part of our plan going forward, is to meet more often with members – this includes our commitment to hold two general meetings per year. As we hear from members, our plan may also include creating new ways to communicate the current issues. We will be meeting for our Annual General Meeting on October 24th/25th, where we will discuss the results of the visioning process and examine the Nation’s options going forward. Also, check out our new website at www.namgis.bc.ca where we will be posting new information and updates.

Where is the ‘Namgis Nation in the Treaty process?

A: We are in the treaty process, but not actively negotiating at this time. Following the “no” vote in 2013, the ‘Namgis Rights and Title Forum, made up of ‘Namgis Council and Hereditary Chiefs, does not feel it has a strong enough mandate to actively engage in negotiations. Since the vote, we have committed to members not to continue negotiating without a clear mandate. We are at unique point in time with a lot of options available to us to advance as a Nation. By creating a vision that directly reflects our members’ values and priorities of members, a solid plan will be created to ensure the well-being of the territory and future generations. In essence, we are keeping our options open until we have a better understanding about where member’s priorities lie.