Nimpkish River Sockeye

Attached is an update from Fisheries and Oceans Canada about our joint monitoring of the Sockeye escapement (returns) to the Nimpkish Waterhshed

Nimpkish River Sockeye BULLETIN 3


  • Installed a DIDSON in 2015 (Dual-frequency IDentification SONar) which allows 24/7 enumeration of migrating salmon
  • Gwa’ni Hatchery staff install DIDSON and fence each year
  • 2017 – Fully operational as of June 23, 2017
  • Peak was in July
  • Estimated count is 28,658 which is significantly lower than what was encountered on the same date in 2015 (79,000) and 2016 (73,000)

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