Nimpkish River Sockeye Bulletin #5

Over the years, the ‘Namgis First Nations in conjunction with Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) have monitored the escapement of sockeye to the Nimpkish Watershed.  In more recent years, a standardized snorkel survey program has been employed to determine return abundance.  This proved valuable in understanding sockeye distribution and abundance but was typically later in the season when fish had already moved through the lower portions of the river and up into the watershed.  ‘Namgis and DFO were keen on collecting sockeye abundance information on a more real-time and in season basis to improve the accuracy and precision of the escapement estimates.  The monitoring of sockeye escapement in the lower river would also help inform managers earlier of sockeye abundance and support the development of harvest plans.

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Nimpkish River Sockeye – 2018- BULLETIN #5