NBDC finalizes purchase of Western Brave and the Alert Bay Cabins

September 21, 2021 – The Board of ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation (NBDC) has finalized the purchase of the Seine boat “Western Brave” for the ‘Namgis First Nation in support of the leadership’s objective of ensuring those current and future generations of ‘Namgis members have the opportunity to maintain and clearly demonstrate their inherent right to fishery. The Nation also wants to highlight its intent to secure various test fisheries to cover the operating costs of the boat, as well as to provide for the ‘Namgis food fishery for the benefit of the community.  

NBDC has also finalized the purchase of the Alert Bay Cabins. The mandate of the corporation clearly identifies tourism and related initiatives as key objectives for the Nation and its members. The Cabins are well known internationally and have generated profits for the previous owner, even during the pandemic. NBDC intends to build on its current reputation and expand the business in various ways in the coming years. NBDC will also work with the Band management to provide lodging as and when necessary.

“These two initiatives are aligned with the overall strategic objectives of your NBDC, as mandated by Chief and Council when the corporations was established”, said Board Chair Jean La Rose. “We are focussed on growing the opportunities for the Nation and its members and providing employment opportunities through NBDC and its Group of Companies”.

The past year has seen the acquisition of a chipping operation by Atli, which now operates a second shift and has been adding employment opportunities for ‘Namgis members. NBDC will be working with all the subsidiary companies to assess their strategic direction to maximize opportunities for the Nation.

“We are very excited about these acquisitions,” said ‘Namgis Chief Don Svanvik. “They are home grown additions to our Nation’s business portfolio. “They all can provide employment for willing ‘Namgis members and revenue for our Nation. These are positive steps towards rebuilding our capacity and becoming a self-determining First Nation. Thank you to the ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation for all their work evaluating these businesses.”

Established in 2019 by the ‘Namgis Nation to oversee the operations of the various subsidiaries and also set a strategic direction for all of the business operations, NBDC has set its sights on the fulfillment of the strategic objectives set by the Nation and will work to provide new and exciting opportunities for the citizens of the ‘Namgis Nation.