‘Namgis CCP Survey – Off-Reserve



‘Namgis has heard from our off-reserve members that you would like more opportunities to be involved in planning for the future of the community. The purpose of this survey is to give all off-reserve members an opportunity to provide feedback that will help us to better meet your needs in the future. Please provide us with your thoughts on how we can improve your experience as an off-reserve member.


Who is this survey for?

This survey is ONLY for off-reserve ‘Namgis First Nation members aged 13 and up. Please pass this survey on to your family and friends!

Who is collecting this information?

The information is being collected by the ‘Namgis First Nation.

What is the information being used for?

This information is being used to help ‘Namgis First Nation complete our Comprehensive Community Plan.

Will the information be shared or sold with other governments, organizations, companies or people?

The information collected will not be shared or sold to third parties and will only be disclosed if required by law or in the good faith. Good faith includes necessary actions to: (a) comply with a legal obligation; (b) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of a ‘Namgis First Nation member or the public; or (c) protect ‘Namgis First Nation government institutions against legal liability.