'Namgis Comprehensive Community Plan

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Last Updated: 29-03-2018 9:52


Comprehensive Community Planning or CCP is when the community comes together to plan for the future of the Nation. The purpose of the CCP is to capture the vision of our community members and guide the efforts of our leadership and administration.

A CCP is a way to build accountability between the ‘Namgis membership and our leadership. It is an agreement between the community and our leaders about the priorities that should be set for our Nation. A CCP is a tool for ensuring that members of our community have an opportunity to communicate our needs, hopes, and ideas to the leadership. It also offers our leaders a tool to use as they offer guidance and provide a mandate to the administration and program staff.

’Namgis CCP was developed through years of consultation with ’Namgis members, at multiple meetings, online surveys, in-person surveys, and community input from letters and past events.