Kevin Ainsworth appointed CEO of the ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation (NBDC)

The Board of the ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation is pleased to announce the appointment of  Kevin Ainsworth as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the corporation. Mr. Ainsworth assumed the role on September 7.

Well known within the Indigenous economic and business development world, Kevin comes to us with stellar credentials. A forest industry specialist, he has focussed the past 12 years of his career on leading Indigenous business organizations. Kevin played a key role in developing and implementing the economic and business interests of the Haida Nation, the Nazko First Nation, and the Lower Nicola Indian Band.  In these roles, he established and expanded operations in tourism and eco-tourism, forestry, fuel station operations, camp services, seafood processing and clean energy. The NBDC is concentrating its efforts on these areas amongst others, in support of the strategic objectives set by the Nation and its members.  Originally called ‘Namgis Economic Development Corporation (NEDC), it is now referred to as the ‘Namgis Business Development Corporation (NBDC).

“The Board of NBDC is very happy that Kevin has accepted the role. The range of experience and expertise that he brings to NBDC fits our needs perfectly and we are confident that he will help us achieve the goals set by the Nation in its business and economic aspirations”, stated the Chair, Jean LaRose. 

Kevin Ainsworth stated that: “NBDC has a diversified portfolio of innovative and traditional businesses operated by a team of dedicated managers and strong industry partners. I look forward to working with them, and our Board to manage and grow NBDC in a strategic manner that aligns with the goals and values of the Namgis Nation. 

The ‘Namgis Nation established NBDC in 2019 to provide the Nation with strategic and operational expertise in the management and operation of its range of businesses with a view to generating wealth and creating prosperity from economic opportunities for the ‘Namgis Nation. Since its establishment, the NBDC has supported some of the Nation’s goals in the areas of the fishery and tourism and plans to establish and acquire new businesses to further meet the needs of the Nation in employment, business expansion and tourism.