Logo design in black and white of 'Namgis art depicting the Gwa'ni Story

GWa’ni Survey project is live

Take the Gwa’ni Project Survey for your chance to win a 2-person Sea Otter Viewing and Whale Watching Tour from Coastal Rainforest Safaris!

Take the Gwa’ni ‘Namgis Member Survey today and share your ideas about the Gwa’ni Project! The purpose of the survey is to understand the goals and priorities of ‘Namgis members for the Nimpkish Valley. Tell us about how you use the land within the Nimpkish Valley, what you think should be prioritized in the land use planning process, and how you want to stay informed about the Gwa’ni Project.

The survey closes on November 25th  and can be found at https://engage.namgis.bc.ca/gwani-project. It will take less than 15 minutes to complete, and you will be entered into a raffle to win a 2-person Sea Otter Viewing and Whale Watching Tour from Coastal Rainforest Safaris!.