Food and Coupon Distribution Info – Cormorant Island

Please be advised. Since Friday April 17th, and continuing into this Friday April 24th, the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has been working with various departments of ‘Namgis First Nation to support the distribution of goods to ‘Namgis members on Cormorant Island in response to the current pandemic.

The first of two major food distributions prioritized elders, those on income assistance, and families in need. We were unfortunately not able to get to every household as our bulk items are not always sent to us in full and on time due to transport and warehousing pressures from our distributors.

Our goal is to ensure that by this FRIDAY APRIL 24th, every household will have received a care package from ‘Namgis.

In regards to ShopRite coupons, those have been given to those members who are either elders, on income assistance, and families in need. Coupons are also not being distributed all at once, as per the request of our local store, so that we do not overwhelm them. 25 coupons per day have been distributed and are continuing to be distributed throughout this week.

We thank you all for your patience during this time. If by Friday, you are a member living on Cormorant Island, and you are in need of assistance and we have missed you, please contact our EOC at 250-974-5555. We know that there are some circumstances where vital information may not get to us and we are doing our best to compile information as we receive it.