EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY – NO Garbage or Recycling Pickup


Due to the current health crisis, there will be no garbage or recycling pickup until further notice.
If you have a vehicle/transportation, please bring your garbage to the transfer station: Tuesday to Saturday

Hours: Tuesday: 12pm to 3:45pm
Wednesday: 10am to 3:45pm
Thursday: 10am to 3:45pm
Friday: 12pm to 3:45pm
Saturday: 8:30am to 3:45pm


There is no charge to you

Work together! If you can assist your neighbour, family, or anyone by taking their garbage/recyclables to the transfer station, please do so.

If you cannot get your garbage/recyclables to the transfer station, call:
Derek Perrault at 250-974-8472
Dave Leslie at 250-97 4-8248

Commercial pickup will still take place

Sorry for the inconvenience.