Water Update – ‘Namgis Reserve in Alert Bay

Monday – June 29, 2015 at 9am

Water reserve tanks are 3/4 full now. PW Foreman Derek Perrault is requesting your cooperation with the following:

In order to assist with this replenish of the water system, we are requesting your assistance in the following areas:
– NO power washing
– NO car washing
– NO filling of pools, water slides etc
– NO watering yard (garden, lawn etc)

Water situation was at an all time dangerous level (couple meters of water in tank/s). This has been a learning lesson for our crew and reserve in regards to roles and expectations during a water shortage.

It will be at least another 24 hours for the system to be fully restored.

We request everyone’s participation with this to get the water system back to 100%.

Thank you for your cooperation during these unfortunate conditions.

Public Works Foreman ~ Derek Perrault