Urgent Message

Dear ‘Namgis Membership,
In an effort to help us maintain a current membership list, we require assistance from band members.
When a family member passes away, it is very important that you send the original copy of the DEATH CERTIFICATE to the direct attention of our Indian Registry Administrator (IRA) DeeDee Alfred. Once the document has been received, our IRA can prepare and submit required reports to INAC (Indian Affairs Canada) so membership lists can be updated accordingly. Our IRA does not have the authority to remove names from the list unless she receives approval from INAC.
We understand how upset members are when they receive correspondence from INAC or see members’ names on our band list that should have been removed.
Thank you for your assistance and if you require clarification, please call DeeDee Alfred at the band office at (250) 974-5556.

Please send the document to:

DeeDee Alfred

Indian Registry Administrator (IRA)

‘Namgis First Nation P.O.Box 210

Alert Bay, B.C V0N 1A0