Smoking Cessation Information

Information from – an excellent and endorsed resource from the Lung Association

Reasons for quitting

Knowing your reasons for quitting can help you stay motivated.

Common reasons for quitting include:

  • Money savings! Check out our savings calculator
  • More confident and in control of own life
  • Positive role model for friends and family
  • Whiter teeth and fresher breath
  • Healthier glowing skin and fewer wrinkles
  • Hair, breath and clothes won’t smell of smoke
  • Improved sense of taste and smell
  • Improved breathing and general fitness level
  • Heal faster and have fewer complications after surgery

Post the list where you can see it or keep it with you to get you through the rough patches.

Remember, you don’t have to quit alone. When you’re ready – we’re here to support you with a range of free tools and services. Sign up for QuitNow here.

Folks can call 8-1-1 (Health Links BC) to obtain 3 months free smoking cessation medical management (the patch, gum, medication).  This helps with nicotine withdrawal.

How to Order Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)

To order NRT products, call us at 8-1-1 and choose menu option #1. Our health services representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your call.

How can I prepare for the call?

Before you call, make sure you have your Personal Health Number (from your BC Services Card) ready. You will need to give this number to the health services representative.

If you are ordering for someone other than yourself, you need to have their permission to register on their behalf and you must have their consent to provide us with their personal information.

What questions will I be asked when I call?

You will be asked the following questions during the registration and ordering process:

  1. Is this the first time you have registered for NRT products this calendar year?
  2. Are you registering for yourself or are you registering for someone else? If it is for someone else, are they aware that you are registering on their behalf? Do you have their consent to provide us with their personal information?
  3. Are you interested in Thrive™ gum or Habitrol® patches?
  4. Are you a resident of British Columbia?
  5. Do you have current coverage under British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP)?
  6. Do you have any form of Federal Health Insurance, such as coverage through Non-Insured Health Benefits for First Nations and Inuit (NIHB), Canadian Forces, Veteran’s Affairs, or Federal Public Service Employees? (If your answer is yes, you must pick up your NRT product at a pharmacy, do not select the mail delivery option)
  7. Do you have a pharmacy security keyword in place? (If your answer is yes, you must pick up your NRT product at a pharmacy, do not select the mail delivery option)
  8. Are you currently smoking cigarettes or use other tobacco products daily, occasionally, or not at all?
  9. Do you intend to quit in the next 30 days?
  10. Do you need nicotine replacement therapy to stay or remain tobacco free?

Afterwards, you will be asked a series of health related questions that will help determine if these products are right for you.

You may want to speak to your health care provider before deciding whether you should use NRT products. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have any chronic medical conditions, were recently in the hospital, or take any regular medications, speak with your pharmacist or doctor before registering for NRT coverage.

For information for registered participants, including details on how to receive your NRT product and refills, visit our NRT Registered Participants web page.

For More Information

For more information about quitting smoking, visit our Quit Smoking health feature.

The website offers personalized counseling services for ongoing support in the process of smoking cessation.

For further information, please call Community Health Nurse, Nicole James at the Health Centre . 250-974-5522 ext. 2122