We, the ‘Namgis Chief and Council and Hereditary Chiefs, collectively the Title and Rights Forum, want to work with all ‘Namgis members to create a collective vision for the ‘Namgis First Nation.

We are at a unique point in time with lots of options available for us to advance together as a Nation. As a strong and diverse people, Chief and Council and Hereditary Chiefs want to work towards a more self-determined, self-reliant and prosperous future.

In order to work towards this goal, we need to unite as members about where we are going. A collective vision for the future and for our Nation is the first step to creating a road map to work from.

Members Vision Video (YouTube Link)

What’s in a vision?

Creating this vision starts by listening to one another and understanding what is important to us and our future generations. Understanding our members core values and top priorities will help us as leadership to create a plan for exercising our rights as stewards of the land, and as self-determined people.

By protecting and advancing our rights and title, we will be better positioned to preserve our culture and language, manage our land and resources, and to create jobs, better education, and better health.

How can I get involved in visioning?

THROUGH the Survey…

We’ve launched the online survey at www.namgisvisionsurvey.ca. If you have updated your contact information with us, you will also be getting a post-marked copy in the mail.

The survey is short – it will take under 10 minutes – but an important tool for understanding what is most important for you. Members over the age of 13 who complete will be entered to win one of three great prizes!

First prize: $300

Second prize: $200

Third prize: $100 gift card to superstore

We will also do our best to answer any of the questions we get in the survey, so don’t hesitate to ask!

FROM the vision contest…

We have launched a ‘Namgis visioning contest!  Members of all ages are invited to send us a photo, short video or story that reflects their vision for our territory, and what they hope the future holds for our People. There are prizes to be won so don’t miss your chance. Photo and story entries will also be published in a ‘Namgis vision coffee table book. It’s easy to do and a great way to share your vision with our leadership.

Visit the contest page at ‘Namgis Vision Survey for more information.

ON our Facebook Page…

Our team regularly updates the ‘Namgis First Nation Facebook Page.  Remember to LIKE our page for regular updates about what other members are saying about their vision for the ‘Namgis First Nation.

The more you engage with us, the clearer our vision will become.  We encourage all members to share their vision with us.