Post Secondary Student Information

November 2, 2016



Hello, my name is Christine Wadhams, better known to locals, family and friends as “Deane”,  I will be the Acting Post Secondary Coodinator for all University and College Students.  Donna has left her position to pursue other opportunities which has left me as your new contact to assist you in obtaining your educational goals.


I hope I can meet each of you by phone, or email.  I would like you to bear with me as I am in the process of updating your files, and getting the office in order to my personal liking.  I would ask that you feel free to have your contact information resent to (hoping you do to save me from digging for it in your applications)


If there were any concerns within the last three weeks and it has not yet been taken care, please contact me at any time.  I do not yet have access to the business cell phone that Donna held but when I do the number will remain the same.  I will be using my personal cell phone and open to calls at your convenience.  My office hours and your classes will never be the same so I am open to taking calls at night.


I look forward to working with you, good luck on your endeavors.  My contact information:


Christine Wadhams –

PHONE – 250-974-5556 – EXT 3302

CELL – 250-974-3974