Opportunity to help First Nation-focused dental practice culture

First Nations Health Authority and BC Dental Association are inviting all First Nation members

to participate in the development of a cultural safety education course for dental office staff and oral health professionals. This cultural safety course is intended to initiate and support meaningful discussions at dental offices about health equity, Indigenous cultural safety, anti-racism, and reflection on how current business decisions impact the lives of First Nations people.

You are eligible to participate in this course development if you are First Nations and:

  • You have experienced culturally safe dental services; or
  • You have had challenges accessing dental services or unsafe dental service experiences; or
  • You have experienced inter-generational trauma and have fear receiving dental services

Those chosen to participate in the course development will attend a facilitated focus group session with other First Nations people to share their lived dental experiences together. Participants may also be filmed to record their individual experience as part of the course content. The focus group session will be sometime in the new year and filming is tentatively scheduled for early spring.

In order to be chosen for participation, interested First Nation members will need access to a computer with a video camera and speaker in order to join the focus group session and recording.

As an incentive to participate in the course development, you will be compensated at $50/hour by the BC Dental Association.

If you are interested in participating, please contact Connie Chong, FNHA Manager of Provider Relations, at connie.chong@fnha.ca or 604-230-8332.