GIS mapping

In by Brian Svanvik

GIS is an acronym for Geographical Information System, this includes maps, charts, 3d images, airphotos and tables of data that can be located on earth.

We use GIS software along with a plotter (large printer) to create maps of our territory and the shared resources we have with other nations.  We have collected data from many sources including government, other nations, non-profit organizations, as well as creating our own data through interviews with members, and from mapping historic information. Our goal is to have more information about our territory than any other organization.

We share our maps frequently at community meetings, this brings parts of our territory to our members who cannot or do not get to see these areas.  The maps are used in our schools and shared with other.

Our method of mapping is called “Bioregional Mapping” and is a method that uses lots of local knowledge, photos, and descriptive text to create a useful graphic that can stand on it’s own without someone to explain the maps.  This allows our maps to be more informative and interesting as well as being a truly ‘Namgis product.  There are over 1200 maps ready for use for various subjects ranging from local public works, to regional maps for the entire territory.