‘Namgis First Nation and the Province will announce Letter of Intent

‘Namgis First Nation and the Province will announce on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 (tomorrow) the signing of a Letter of Intent, confirming the commitment of the two parties to negotiate a broad Forestry Reconciliation Agreement that will develop a sustainable forestry program to improve the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of the Nation.

Building on the already concluded Forestry Fund Agreement, the negotiations will focus on shared decision making as well as revenue sharing alongside land selection to generate new projects that will benefit the ‘Namgis and the communities in the north island.

 Once concluded, the new agreement will mark a new milestone in the recognition of the title and rights of the ‘Namgis in the forestry sector, as foreseen in our Community Plan. 

Membership will be informed and consulted throughout the process with regard to the progress made in the negotiations.