‘Namgis announce old growth decisison

      Information for Members on Old Growth Protection in ‘Namgis Territory

‘Namgis First Nation has decided to implement its own old growth protection plan and decline the plans offered by the Provincial Government in order to ensure the protection of ecosystems including old growth areas for future generations.

Provincial Government asked ‘Namgis in November 2021 to respond to an old growth harvest plan prepared by the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) of the BC Government. The plan devised by TAP included deferrals for old growth harvest in areas of ‘Namgis territory. Deferrals are not aimed at protecting the old growth areas for long term, but for maintaining them for short term until they are harvested at a later stage.

‘Namgis Forestry Technical Team studied the TAP deferral plans for the old growth areas in ‘Namgis territory and concluded that TAP plans did not provide adequate protection for the old growth forest areas. 

Instead, the Nation’s Technical Team have developed a plan which provides for longer term protection for not only the old growth, but also the ecosystems, wildlife and fishery resources in the areas containing the old growth forests. The area to be protected under the ‘Namgis Plan is about four times the size of the temporary protection area offered by the TAP plan.        

While the planning process continues, and in combination with collaborative re-design and expansion of existing forestry reserves, Namgis and Western have agreed to the retention of a substantially larger area than what was proposed by the TAP for temporary deferral.

In addition to the ongoing work with Western, other licensees in ‘Namgis Territory have made various forms of agreements, including:Atli Resources has agreed not to harvest old growth without ‘N­amgis’ consent,

Mosaic Forest Management has voluntarily agreed not to harvest in the TAP-identified areas until further review with ‘Namgis is complete, and,

British Columbia Timber Sales has committed not to offer a proposed old growth sale until it has ‘N­amgis support and planning processes are complete.

‘N­amgis will continue to work with licensees to foster and strengthen productive partnerships that protect ‘Namgis values within our Territory.