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Kaikash Creek Fire (Updated Aug14)

Fire near Kaikash Creek (Bonanza Watershed)


The rain has helped and the fire is close to being fully contained.


Many have heard about the fire in ‘Namgis Territory, reported as being near Kaikash Creek, also reported as southeast of Telegraph Cove/Port McNeill.  We are in contact with the representatives from Ministry of Forests and Timberwest, who are working on controlling, and putting out the fire.

Current updates are:

  • Back burning along some fire guards have helped contain the fire so far to about 80 hectares. (Back burning is setting a fire you control, ahead or along the wildfire to remove fuel, so that when the wildfire gets to the back burn, it is less likely to spread.)
  • It is not yet fully contained, a contained fire is one that a control line has been completed around the fire, which can resaonably be expected to stop the fire’s spread.
  • The weather (fog + haze from the Interior fires) allowed only limited aerial attack on Aug, 10th.
  • The fire is far from any residence or other infrastructure, such as power lines, highways, major bridges.
  • Aerial resources are on standby again today.
  • Approximately two dozen ground crews will continue working to contain the fire.



This is an update to confirm that all resources possible are currently being deployed to douse a wildfire near Bonanza Lake that is at about 60 hectares in our tree farm licence. Fog has hampered our initial aerial attack, but dozens are at work on the ground.

Domenico Iannidinardo, TimberWest


We will update this page as we receive more information.

If you have any questions call the admin office at 250-974-5556 or email info@namgis.bc.ca, or forestry@namgis.bc.ca.