Important Notice to members

Tomorrow (September 19th, 2019) there will be two public announcements related to our collective efforts to protect wild salmon in the Broughton.


The first announcement will be that our three First Nations have reached agreements with Cermaq Canada and MOWI West Canada on the establishment of the Indigenous Monitoring and Inspection Plan (IMIP).


The IMIP was a consensus recommendation of the Government-to-Government process between our Nations and BC that was announced in December 2018 on the Broughton Aquaculture Transition Plan.

Reaching agreements with our nations on establishing the IMIP was a condition imposed by BC on the tenures to the two companies.

The IMIP will begin implementation immediately with activities increasing as our Nations build capacity over the coming year. IMIP will operate during the orderly transition period to 2023 when the last of 7 seven farm tenures expire.


The agreements to establish the IMIP, including objective standards introduced by the First Nations related to:

  • pathogen and disease testing requirements for smolts prior to movement from hatcheries to open net pens; smolts testing positive for PRV will not be transferred to the open net pens
  • for the transfer of farmed fish between fish farms;
  • periodic testing of salmon growing on fish farms, including for pathogens;
  • disease and pathogen treatment requirements for farmed salmon;
  • use of therapeutants on farmed salmon;
  • sea lice management protocols and treatment requirements throughout the year with a special focus on allowable limits/thresholds for sea lice on farmed and wild Pacific salmon during in and out-migration periods; corrective measures include removal of fish after several attempts to control sea lice.
  • protocols for monitoring, assessing, and improving farm operations, including by-catch, benthic conditions, farm lighting, predation, disease outbreaks, and mortality events;
  • protocols for occupational health and safety for First Nations’ monitoring, auditing, sampling and inspection activities while on fish farms; and
  • integration of Indigenous knowledge and science to inform the implementation of this Agreement.


The IMIP will also include research and monitoring of marine resources in our territories, as well as capacity to undertake salmon habitat restoration. The press release and full copies of the agreements will be available on our websites.


The second announcement with BC will focus on progress towards implementing the consensus recommendations reached last year on farm tenures, funding for salmon habitat restoration, implementing our Indigenous monitoring program and potential for a FN Genomics lab. The press release will be posted on our web pages.


Chief Don Svanvik, Chief Rick Johnson, Chief Richard Sumner