Health & Wellness Plan

‘Namgis First Nation is renewing our Health and Wellness Plan. This plan is used by all members of our health team to make decisions about programs and services for our community. This includes considerations like doctors, dentists, health promotion programs, prevention clinics and the Treatment Centre.

After initial engagement in 2020, we had a successful open house in October 2021 to get feedback on the draft goals and objectives in the plan. We want to thank EVERYONE who participated in all the engagement sessions. This plan is community-built, and it was so important to hear from everyone. We would also thank to thank the ‘Namgis Health Centre Health Board members and elected Councilors Kelly Speck and Stan Hunt for their support and input into the plan.

A summary of the plan can be found here:

The draft goals and objectives of the plan can be found here:

The final plan will take all the information from the first set of engagements and the feedback on the goals and actions. It will be presented and approved by the ‘Namgis Health Board and the elected Chief and Council. The final version of the report will be posted here for everyone to see.


If you have any questions, you can contact the ‘Namgis health team through Georgia Cook.