Mental Health

In by Namgis Staff

We provide services for all who live in Alert Bay (Cormorant Island) These services are funded through the Medical Services Branch and are  at no cost to you. Our services are confidential, culturally sensitive and honour all regardless of faith, race and sexual orientation. We are able to support you through grief, trauma, depression, anxiety, mental illness, sexual abuse, physical abuse,relationship issues and drug/alcohol addiction. We also support the community by delivering psycho-education and running support groups. We also refer to other counsellors and treatment programs. During the school year we service both T’lisalagi’lakw school and the Alert Bay school. We also provide service to our youth that attend North Island Secondary School.


8:30am – 4:40pm


‘Namgis Health Centre, Mental Health Department
48 School Road, PO Box 290
Alert Bay, BC V0N 1A0


Brenda Deakin- Mental Health Counselor

Rena Hanuse- Mental Health Counselor