Community Health

In by Namgis Staff

Health is a community issue. The health of each member of our community affects us all. Our goal is to help people be as healthy as possible, for their sake, for the sake of their families and for the good of the community. A good health plan fits with the person and their culture. We work with individuals, families and groups to try to match their needs with their individuality and current circumstances. We hope that by sharing good health information, people can make good health choices for themselves and their families.


Alert Bay, BC, VON 1AO
P.O. Box 290
Phone: 250-974-5522
Fax: 250-974-2736


  • Nicole James: Community Health Nurse
  • Rachel Fulmore: Diabetes Nurse Educator/ Community Health Nurse
  • Tanis Dawson: Community Health Representative
  • Terian Whonnock: Patient Travel Program


  • Immunization program
    We hold flu clinics, and immunize infants, school children and adults. Immunization starts at the age of 2 months and continues through adulthood. You’re never too young or too old to get this form of protection.
  • Well babies clinics
    The focus of the clinics is on healthy infant and child development. It starts with prenatal care, and continues through a child’s first year of life. We offer parenting support and information on breast feeding, nutrition, bonding, and play. Clinics are held every Thursday afternoon 1 to 2:30 at Amlilas
  • Pre and postnatal support
    Building blocks for healthy babies start with prenatal education and support, and continue after birth with information about nursing, parenting, nutrition, living with a newborn and support for growing families.
  • School-based health
    We work with school children to help them form good health habits that will last a lifetime. The focus is on health education and school-based immunization.
  • Environmental health liaison
    We work with various agencies to deliver environmental services that promote health. Examples are water testing, food safe training to meet professional requirements, and liaising with the housing committee about housing issues when needed.
  • Aboriginal  Diabetes Initiative
    Through education and follow-up we support people living with diabetes, whether they’re newly diagnosed or have lived with diabetes for years. Each program is personalized, to fit each person’s needs.
  • Communicable Disease Control
    Our mission here is to monitor and screen for tuberculosis and other transmissible diseases in our community.
  • Harm Reduction
    We facilitate measures that reduce the harm from different behaviours. It can mean promoting use of condoms or use of bike helmets and car seats, and lots in between.
  • Program Coordination
    We help groups deliver a range of health programs on Cormorant Island, such as first aid courses, health information sessions or workshops.
  • Patient Travel Program
    This is a subsidized assistive program for necessary medical or dental goods or services that are not covered by other government or third-party health insurance.