Employment – Kayak Guide Lvl1

Kingfisher Wilderness Adventures is inviting a ‘Namgis member for training/employment before the kayak season starts, and become a Level 1 Guide.

The basic training to become a level one guide (our base camp assistant position) is a five day kayak course, plus a two day first aid course, a one day marine radio operators certificate, and a two and half day marine naturalist training workshop. We put one person though this program last year and this year we are supporting him in upgrading his training with another five day kayak course and a five wilderness first aid course to achieve their full assistant guide certification.

They currently have two positions available and they will cover the training costs for two successful candidates but not wages for the training time (the time would be at their own cost). The position would then be for 80 hours every two weeks – usually consisting of one day in town followed by eight days at one of our base camps on Hanson Island followed by five days off before starting again.

Recruitment Video

If you are interested please contact Kingfisher Wilderness adventures at 1-866-546-4347 or submit a resume and cover letter to info@kingfisher.ca.

**This is not a ‘Namgis position, all communication should be with Kingfisher.**