COVID-19 Funding for First Nation Communities

April 8, 2020

On March 18, Prime Minister Trudeau announced increased resources for First Nation communities in response to the pandemic.
On March 26, Indigenous Services (ISC) Canada Minister Miller outlined the details for this support fund.

ISC BC region has received $41 million to be disbursed between all Nations in BC.

This fund includes $15 million for regional, urban and off-reserve Indigenous organizations supporting members living away from communities and to regional organizations such as Friendship Centres.

‘Namgis First Nation has received funding based on our on-reserve population and remoteness factor to assist on-reserve fixed/low-income families as well as income assistance (IA) clients. Any new income assistance applicants that are ineligible for IA may be eligible to apply for Hardship Assistance.

As stated above, assistance for ‘Namgis urban membership has been allocated to Friendship Centres and therefore are urged to apply with your local centre to access assistance. ‘Namgis First Nation has only received funds for on-reserve membership.

The Nutrition program funding that is normally provided to Headstart, Amlilas, T’lisaligi’lakw School, Alert Bay Elementary School & NISS are now being provided directly to families by way of food coupons for children registered in those programs/schools. This should help with increased costs while students are not in school.

Currently, our staff have been working to order food and other necessities in bulk for distribution to our local members. We will have more information on this soon.