Canadian Coast Guard Job Opportunities


The Canadian Coast Guard would like to invite Indigenous and Coastal Community members to apply for positions of Fishing Masters and Deckhands in the Fleet.

Our hope is that you can help us distribute the following opportunities to interested people in your Nation and /or Community.


Fishing Masters:

Coast Guard Fleet has several opportunities for following positions:


Stream 1 – MAO-02 $31.86 – $35.35 per hour – Fishing  Master / Deck Officer, Class A Vessel – CCGS Neocaligus

Stream 2 – MAO-04 $35.01 – $39.10 per hour – Commanding Officer, Class A Vessel (under review) – CCGS Neocaligus

Stream 3 – MAO-06 $39.14 – $43.39 per hour – Fishing Officer, Class E Vessel – CCGS Sir John Franklin

The following poster is open to Indigenous People interested for the above noted positions:



An overview of the deckhand work and responsibilities can be found at the following website:

Applicants for Deckhand positions will need to complete the following courses before applying:

  1. Marine Emergency Duties Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) – Basic Safety
  2. Marine Emergency Duties STCW – Survival Craft
  3. ROC-MC Radio Operator’s Certificate – Maritime Commercial
  4. Marine First Aid (can be Marine Basic First Aid, Marine Advanced First Aid,
    or Occupational First Aid Level 3).

The following poster is open for Indigenous People interested in a deckhand positions:


The following poster for deckhand positions is open to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people:


How to Apply:

The Canadian Coast Guard – Operational Fleet recognizes that the online application process may not work for everyone.  While we encourage candidates to apply online, we are willing to accept cover letters & resumes electronically by email.   The cover letters and resumes can be sent as attachments by email to by midnight March 31st, 2019.  I have attached a guide to help candidates apply online for these job opportunities.


In addition to the candidates resume, their cover letter will need to clearly identify the following:

  • the staffing process number the candidate is applying, and,
  • how the candidate meets the requirements outlined in the staffing poster(s).


Thank you and Best Regards,


Catherine Wehrle

Special Project Officer, Recruitment

Canadian Coast Guard

Fleet, Western Region/Oceans Protection Plan

25 Huron Street

Victoria, BC V8V 4V9


Telephone: 250-480-2779

Cellular:      250-478-0119