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Announcement from Council

To ‘Namgis members,


In keeping with our mission to strive to create a self- governing, prosperous, healthy community with a strong, self -sustaining economy so that every member has the opportunity to achieve their highest potential, that is based on a foundation of culture, we are pleased to announce that the Namgis Economic Development Corp. (“NEDC”) is now in operation.

NEDC’s mandate is to maximize the potential of commercial holdings, identify opportunities and develop new businesses for further economic growth and benefits for the Nation that is aligned with NFN’s mission statement. To lead and direct NEDC in its mandate and fulfill strategic initiatives, Keena Hicken-Gaberria, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer.

Keena has over 25 years of business and international consulting experience and holds an uncompromising set of Canadian qualifications (CPA, CA / CFE / PMP) that she utilizes to help secure the long-term success and profitability of an organization. She has provided management consulting services to our Nation since 2015, was appointed to the Orca Sand & Gravel Board in 2016 and is now the Chair.

As one of the guiding principles of NEDC is to be transparent and accountable to the members of NFN, you can expect to see increased communications over the coming months from Keena about NEDC, including opportunities to share your ideas for new businesses.




Chief Don Svanvik and Council