Notice – Cormorant Island Curfew


Notice of Cormorant Island

COVID-19 Health Safety Measures


In response to the reality of positive COVID-19 cases on our island, we need to take additional measures to control the spread of the virus to protect everyone. We are also working together to put in place additional supports, such as spaces where an infected person can safely isolate.


A curfew will be put in place – it will be in place from 9:30 pm to 6:00 am. You will hear an alarm at 9:00 to give you time to return to your home.


It is very important that Cormorant Island residents do not contribute to the spread of this virus, or be exposed to the virus, off-island. We are working with Public Health officials and relevant Provincial agencies on measures to reinforce the importance of only leaving or coming to this island for essential reasons. More details will be announced tomorrow.