Conflict of Interest Checklist

Used to determine conflicts during business meetings with external companies.

 Financial Management Policy

The objectives of this policies are to ensure that ‘Namgis finances are administered in a manner consistent with the Nation’s best interests.

Namgis Personnel Policy

Personnel policy manual regarding hiring, confidentiality, grievances, benefits etc.


Council Code of Ethics

Ethics code which is signed by each councillor when they are elected.

Namgis First Nation Election Regulations

Regulations regarding the composition, election, and eligibility of ‘Namgis elected council.


Post Secondary Application

Post-secondary funding application for members.

Information Technology

IT Policy

Policies regarding the use of technology within the ‘Namgis, including computers, email, networks, mobile devices and other technology in use.

IT Acceptable Use Policy – Excerpt from above

This is the part that directly pertains to users of technology and the acceptable use of technology within the ‘Namgis.

IT Service Catalog Summary

Technology services available within the ‘Namgis departments and their descriptions and/or uses.

Social Assistance

Social Assistance Information

Information about the Social Assistance Program, including rights, responsibilities, application and appeals processes.

Social Assistance Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the Social Assistance program.

Survey Results

Accounting Satisfaction Survey Report

Report with results and summary of the ‘Namgis Accounting Department Satisfaction Survey. (Survey filled out by members and staff.)

Accounting Satisfaction Survey – The survey taken by members and staff about the accounting department.

T’lisalagi’lakw School

Policy 1 – Mission and vision statements

Mission and vision statement for the school

Policy 2 – Policy manuals & regulations

Manuals and Regulations

Policy 3 – Statement of Philosophy

Policy 4 – Agendas

Policy 5 – Formulation of Policy

Policy 6 – Professional Conduct Policy

Policy 7 – Employee Grievances and appeals

Policy 8 – Complaints against Staff or Volunteers

Policy 9 – Public Submissions Policy

Policy 10 – Lice Policy Regulations

Policy 11 – Dance Regulations

Policy 12 – Field Trips

School policy regarding field trips, including permission slips, safety, rules and regulations.

Policy 13 – School Visitor Policy

Policy 14 – Education board Policy

Policy 15 – Child Protection Policy

Policy 16 – Cultural Committee Policy

Policy 17 – PAC Regulations

Policy 18 – Disipline Policy

Policy 19 – Students Records

Regulations and procedures regarding student records.

Policy 20 – School Fundrasing Policy and Regulation

Policy and regulations regarding fundraising, including purpose, plans, accountability and reporting.

Policy 22 – Anaphylaxis

School policy regarding severe allergies and procedures. (permission forms included.)

 Terms of Reference

Education Board

Terms of reference for the ‘Namgis Education Board.

Finance Committee

Terms of reference for the ‘Namgis Finance Committee

Health Board

Terms of reference for the ‘Namgis Health Board.

Housing Committee

Terms of reference for the ‘Namgis Housing Committee.

Kwagis Power

Kwagis Community Benefit Fund Allocation Policy