2017 Elk Hunt

If you are a Namgis First Nation Hunter, applications are now being accepted for the year 2017 Limited Entry Harvest of Elk.

Application forms for the Elk Hunt are available at the Namgis Administration Office.

All applications must be received at our Administration Office no later than 3:00 pm, Friday, September 29, 2017.

Application Form *

*Must send copies of status card and PAL (Both sides of each card)

Draw Results (2017-Sept-29)

David Stauffer Nimpkish Bull
Jesse Jackson Nimpkish Cow*
Marilyn Hunt Nimpkish Bull
Gavin Bruce Nimpkish Bull
Jamie Uhl Nimpkish Cow*
Shelly Stauffer Bonanza Bull
Chris Cook iii Nimpkish Cow*
Elizabeth Hanuse Bonanza Cow*
Carol Schibler Bonanza Bull
Fred Skogan Nimpkish Cow*
Leonard Smith Nimpkish Bull
Robert Barr Nimpkish Cow*

*Cow tags are released before the season starts, December 1st.

Come in to the Natural Resources office to collect your tags.